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Meet Robert Sayles

The most powerful gift that I have as a human is my words. We are the only creatures on earth that have been given the power and authority to speak, so to me, it’s very important to be impeccable with my words because words create images which create thoughts and we become what we think. Anytime we speak, our thoughts become sound. Hyer Hytz is more than just a production company, it’s a way of life where our thoughts cause us to live the Good life of Health, Wealth, Happiness and Wholeness.

Sonya’s New Single
Now available!

Sonya’s new Single “Fear Not” was created to let people know that; no matter who you are, or what you may go through in life there is no reason to Fear. its simply (False Evidence Appearing Real) and the number one fear is the fear that what God Promised won’t come to pass. “Fear Not” is an up-beat inspirational song that will cause the listener to overcome any Fear.


    Artists Signed and in Development

    We’ve had the privilege of working with Sonya as an Artist on the Hyer Hytz Production League for the past 2 years. Sonya has allowed us to Develop her style but her Character remains constant. From then to now Sonya has always warmed the hearts of those who come in contact with her, and her spirit is so upbeat and inviting that its hard not to feel loved around her. Laughing and joking around is a permanent part of Sonya because she loves to enjoy life but there is also a very serious side that comes out in the studio while working to create the perfect sound.

    Hyer Hytz Production League is currently working on the Freshman release of Sonya’s Full Length CD entitled “NOW SONYA” coming soon. Click on the button below to see her profile.

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    We can professionally produce or record your project IN STUDIO or COMPLETELY ONLINE, working via email, Skype and other online musical collaboration tools. A complete production service, be there every step of the way, from the pre-production session, helping with track composition structure and dynamics, to recording the instrumental tracks and vocalists, through to studio engineering and mixing and mastering. Get professional Record Label Quality from the world renowned HyerHytz Production League. Contact Us today to discuss your project..

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